Almost There….

It’s taken a couple of days to get my site functional again, but I have learned a lot in the process:

– WordPress has an export function to make backing up my website fairly easy.  I will be doing monthly back ups from now on.

– The theme that I am using also has an export function so that I can save my settings.  I will be using that, as well.

– The plugin that I use to link my posts with Facebook requires information that I can currently find at developers.facebook.  Hopefully, I won’t need that information in the future, but this is technology that I am dealing with….


I have decided to simply pick up where I have left off, and not try to recreate the old posts.  Some of them are gone for good, but some of them will appear as “golden oldies”  at times when I want to bring back ideas that I thought were very good, or else when I’m just short on time….

A new post will be available on Saturday.

Here’s to the new and improved!