My Engagement Story

I have stated in the past that I like the quirky and the unusual.  The story of my fiance’s proposal sort of fits that description.  It is definitely very “us.”

Usually, I am the one who keeps the journal and the blog and the stories.  My fiance doesn’t enjoy writing.  However, when he proposed, I was at a very busy point in my life and didn’t write much.  Here’s the account from my journal, dated 2/17/10:

I’m going to include now John’s account of our engagement. He remembers it a lot better than I – I was so shocked by the event that I didn’t even remember if he had actually asked the question! I do remember that I didn’t want him to chance driving on roads that were clear, but he was adamant about seeing me, so I let him do what he wanted – he is grown, after all. I hope I’m remembering the date of January 30th correctly – my poor brain has been on overload lately.

J.B., on the other hand, was in the middle of completing some college courses, and he did a website about the event.  He tells it much better than I.

J.B.’s story

When I told him I would be posting this, we got into a discussion of exactly when we got engaged.  That’s when I went back and checked my journal, as well as weather reports from the time, to see if we could figure it out.  It does look like January 30, 2010 is the real date!