A Little More Random Today

I knew days ago that I didn’t have a post ready for this week, but I was busy with other things and didn’t get anything significant written.  Meanwhile, I have taken to working out by walking/jogging.  I blame this on a friend of mine.  She let me tag along on several walks this summer, and I remembered why I wanted to run last year — when I ended up with plantar fasciitis.

On the weekdays, I try to walk to and from work as many days as possible.  This usually comes out to three or four days.  The past two weekends, I have walked/jogged a little over nine miles.  I’m getting faster, but I’m still pretty slow.  As I was out this morning, I realized that what I would most like to share are some more of the songs that I love and listen to on a regular basis.

I couldn’t find all of the songs I really wanted to highlight, but I am putting several of my favorites in this week’s post (in no particular order).  Enjoy!