New Beginning

I must admit that I am glad the holidays are almost over.  I have such mixed feelings when major holidays arrive.  On one hand, I love the change in the people around me.  I love focusing on events and principles that are bigger than I am.  I love having a good excuse to try to spread a little bit of extra happiness around.

On the other hand, major holidays seem to scream at me: my reality is vastly different from what I dreamed my life would be.  Somehow, I have ended up a bit estranged from my siblings.  The toll of the divorce is that I have limited contact with two of my three children.  Even though I can look in the mirror and know that I’ve done my best and even though I have a great life in spite (or maybe even because) of the things I have suffered and experienced at the hands of others, the cynical side of me begins its traditional mantra: “Hey, you’re the common denominator in all of this — it must be your fault, stupid!”

So here I sit, typing another blog entry, facing the start of a new year with all of its hopes and promises, and emotionally drained from the holidays.  I started this blog with the hope that sharing my thoughts and experiences would lift someone else.  Yet, I am the one who could use some lifting.

What can I resolve that will make a difference in 2013?

  • I resolve to teach myself to turn to Heavenly Father as my source of feedback.  He knows me better than I know myself, which means He certainly knows me better than the people around me.  I won’t be perfect, but if I am good enough in His eyes, that will be good enough for me.
  • I resolve to learn how to expect less from the people around me.  Again, if I am truly committed to becoming more like my Savior, then life is NOT about what I get, it’s about what I can give.  I will have to develop continuing faith that my God will supply all my need as I need it.
  • I resolve to continue in my purpose of leaving my corner of the world a little better than I found it.  If I can give a smile, lend a hand, speak encouraging words, then that is what I’ll do.  In the end, my heart’s desire is to be a blessing to those around me.

As you think about the coming year, I hope you are able to take time to examine who you really want to become and set a goal or two that will take you there.