Parable of the Rubik’s cube



I wish I could take credit for this idea, but the original was presented by Angela during Relief Society last week. (You can get a feel for her vibrant personality from her blog!)  The lesson could have been one of those “I’ve heard this 100 times before” ordeals that we sometimes endure as we hope to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, but this one object lesson changed the whole thing for me.

As she was talking about the need to do things the Lord’s way, several points were made:

  1. There is a solution to the cube that works every time.
  2. “Cheating” can ruin the solution or the cube.
  3. The cube comes with instructions.

The tie-ins to our mortal existence were astounding.


There Is a Solution that Works Every Time

Angela told us that once her husband memorized the solution, he could solve the cube in any condition in under seven minutes — with his eyes closed.  Life isn’t quite that easy, so I would recommend always having our spiritual eyes open.  However, there are solutions that will work — every time.

Prayer, fasting, scripture study, living the principles we have learned — these are the things that will give us the knowledge and strength to successfully navigate the puzzles, tests, and trials of everyday life.

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“Cheating” Ruins It

Pulling the stickers and moving them on the Rubik’s cube will destroy the ability to solve the cube the correct way.  Popping the cube pieces off and moving them around will also loosen and weaken the cube.  It’s the same way with life — when we look for happiness and satisfaction using our own wisdom, we weaken our ability to follow the Savior.  If we try to change the Lord’s requirements to suit our desires, we can actually pull ourselves far enough away from Heavenly Father to dull our own spirits.  We can lose our ability to discern the Holy Ghost’s gentle urging.

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It Comes with Instructions

When you purchase a Rubik’s cube and open the package, the solution is included in the instructions.  Heavenly Father has provided instructions for us: the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the teachings of latter-day prophets.  If we are willing to study and learn, we can have the solution.

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