Personal Music Choices

music notesChurch leaders have often spoken about the need to have uplifting music in our homes. I have made the switch away from popular radio. As a musician, I really missed it for a while. After all, I have always felt the need to keep up with current trends in music. It helps my “with-it-ness” as a teacher, and keeps me up to date as a songwriter.

The problem I encountered is that I seemed to be surrounding myself with thoughts of things that I prefer not to make the focus of my life: overt sexuality, drugs, drinking, revenge, etc. Sure, there are some good, “clean,” songs that I am missing, but they seemed to be getting rarer and rarer to find.

As I present my solutions, keep in mind that these are not perfect. Perfection isn’t possible in this life, anyway! I do find, though, as I notice gaps in the music available, it gives my creative juices something to chew on.


The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

I don’t think I would be truly Mormon if I didn’t at least mention them! They have quite an online presence these days:


Online Radio

I may be LDS, but a steady diet of the Mormon Tab would kill me!  Online radio has saved my sanity!

  • YLDSR – this online radio station has been removed since I first posted this entry, so I recreated similar channels on Pandora and Rhapsody
  • K-LOVE – this is a contemporary christian website; although it is not LDS, the music is very uplifting

Happy listening!johnny_automatic_music_group