Todo Lists



I have to admit that there are times when I wonder if I am a “good enough” Mormon.  For instance, in the most recent general women’s meeting of our church, we were encouraged to simplify our todo lists and to leave more time to love and serve the people around us.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling spiritual impressions that I need to get back to my musical side, which means that I’ve got to find a way to add practice and composing and songwriting into an already full schedule.  After all, I have wonderful things to spend time on: exercising, work, my son, my home, serving in church, etc.  I wouldn’t want to let any of those go!

Well, as fate would have it, I became overwhelmed.  I gave up TV about nine months ago, so I couldn’t give it up again to free up any extra time.  Since I only sleep about six hours a night (and my 20’s hit the rear-view mirror a decade or so ago), giving up another hour or two of sleep wasn’t an option, either.  Which was good — I really didn’t want to have a conversation with my son (or the local police) about why I needed to practice trombone at 2 am, anyway.

So, during an enthralling training meeting at work, I pulled out my daily schedule.  I’m sure all OCD/over-achievers have one!  It’s the one where you put down times of the day and map out everything from waking up and brushing your teeth to calling your loved ones on a regular basis.  (So far, I have refrained from scheduling my bathroom breaks.)  Of course, because I need to outdo the best over-achievers, my daily schedule is a multi-format spreadsheet with options for two different weekend plans (with and without my son) and holidays (which everyone knows are for catching up on all the things you let slide while you are at work).  It’s beautiful — I even color coded it!

So, perhaps I did follow prophetic counsel: it’s much easier to set up my todo spreadsheet for the week now that I have options and colors!  I start each which confident that I can control the uncontrollable, ready to complete more in 30 minutes than most people can complete in a day.

Hmmm….  Where did I put “reality check” on that todo list?