I Finally Went to Time Out for Women!

logoAt the beginning of this past month, Time Out for Women (sponsored by Deseret Book) held an event in a major city near me. I had been wanting to attend one for years. It seemed like all of my friends had gone to at least one event somewhere, and I was feeling very left out and deprived.

It was in September or October 2011 that I learned an event would be coming. I put the date on my calendar, and I must have been one of the first people to buy a ticket when they became available. It was my early Christmas gift to myself.

My eagerness got me noticed by the Time Out for Women Crew, and I was asked to be a part of the publicity team. I was thrilled, especially when I was asked to be part of the publicity team. I was blown away and jumped at the chance. During the following months, I emailed weekly, posted to Facebook, pinned on Pinterest, and tweeted away on Twitter. I made sure that everyone I could think of was aware it would be coming.

I ended up nearly getting banned from my email account because I was electronically labeled as a spammer. I have no idea how many people I annoyed with the constant publicity. The event was held at less than ½ capacity, and I felt personally responsible and like I had let the entire team down.

I took the day off from work so that I could get to the team meeting before our event on time. (O.k. It was nice to have a few extra hours to try to whittle down the todo list, as well!) I was assigned to check in duty. I got to hold an iPod and scan tickets. A friend from almost 20 years ago was on my check in team, and she handled the wristbands. It was like time had never separated us, and I was just having fun with an old friend.

Not all of the women appreciated our enthusiasm at the door, but most of them seemed to appreciate it. The rest were very polite.  Saturday morning, I got to help pass out programs and tote bags. I missed a few speakers, but I got to greet a lot of people.

The meeting itself was a bit like an electrified stake conference. People gave talks, and Jericho Road and Michael McLean provided musical entertainment. For me, it wasn’t a major life-altering experience, and I think I would have been a bit miserable if I hadn’t been part of the team.

On the other hand, I was spiritually lifted, and I had a lot to think about when it was all said and done. Some of the things that I heard and experienced have been incorporated into my life, and my life is better for them. I am still taking bits and pieces of time to study and decide what I want to do with other things that were said – not that they were incorrect, but I have to decide how they apply to me.

 So, Time Out for Women was good, but it wasn’t “life-altering amazing.” Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat!  My next goal in life is to become part of the Time Out for Women family and present on the event tour.