General Conference is here! (and a late Easter web round-up)

I love General Conference! I experience a lot spiritual renewal, and I always learn something that helps me grow and progress.  In today’s blog post, I will be posting options for tuning in (not a Mormon?  It’s still o.k. to listen in!),and some of the best blog posts that I have found for preparing for and enjoying conference.

Also, I missed posting about Easter.  It’s a bad habit of mine — the things I care the most deeply for, I hold in the most private places of my heart.  I collected some of the best Easter-themed blog posts, and I ‘ll list them at the end.  If you miss Easter like I do, you can go back and enjoy the Spirit of the holy day once more.

How to Tune in to the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


 Getting the Most Out of Conference

I haven’t had time to completely read and follow links in all of these posts, but if you are looking for something new to help your family listen and learn, you might find some helpful hints here:


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 Finally, a “Last Hurrah” for Easter