Rough Week, or Rough Life?

O.k., it’s not really that bad! Stress has been mounting at work. Changes came from well above the school level and have cost my school good people for the coming year. They are left not knowing if they will even have a job next year.

It’s left everyone a bit shaken, and I am a sponge when it comes to the feelings of people around me. I became so overwhelmed with frustration that I found myself in a dark place emotionally, and I’m using this weekend to collect myself and “find my happy place.” A good “walk-about” this morning has been a big lift.

Oh sure, I’m still struggling a bit with my budget because I’ve had to take care of my daughter’s cat’s medical needs, I found termites when I was reworking the landscaping in the front yard, I’m struggling to deal with conflict in a couple of friendships — but these things are just part of the normal flow of life, and they are very mild compared to what others are experienced.

So, because I am a bit of a cream puff when it comes to emotional fortitude, I am going to fall back on one of my favorite kinds of postings — YouTube videos.  I hope you find them as uplifting as I do:

Justin Cash, “If You Try”:

Day in the Life of Mormon Missionaries in the UK:

Katherine Nelson, “Soldier Girls” (one of my favs!):

 The Tender Mercies of the Lord:

Piano Guys, “Nearer, My God, to Thee”:

Fast Thought from Creative LDS Quotes:

EFY 2013, “It’s a Good Start”:

Until We Meet Again:


This is a Tim Hawkins clip.  He’s not LDS, but a safe place for a good laugh: