From Grace to Grace

Sorry that this post is a couple of days late! I’ve been having trouble with my server, and somehow in the process of getting it all straightened out, the original post that I had written disappeared! I didn’t have time until today to get everything rewritten and posted!

In the Doctrine and Covenants, we learn through modern revelation that our Savior grew from grace to grace. In the Guide to the Scriptures, and the Bible Dictionary provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, grace is defined not just as a gift that erases our sins, but a power! It is the promise that, through the Atonement, Divine power will make up for what we lack in our righteous endeavors. It is the promise of divine assistance that will turn everything to our good, and to the good of all who love God.


I have learned through experience, however, that it is NOT the promise that everything works the way I think is right. There are still tests and trials, and things that just don’t make sense until sometime later (and sometimes not until after this life). Even so, the assurance that Heavenly Father has my back is an amazing comfort and keeps me going when things just seem to be turning out all wrong.


In preparation for my month of gratitude, I’m thinking about how I have grown from grace to grace. I have had tons of people in my life who have let me lean on them when I needed strength, and who have served as examples to me and given me goals to aim for in my quest to become who God has called me to be.


Some of my most humbling experiences have been when I have been trying to help someone or teach someone gospel truths, and I am blessed to say exactly what needs to be said. I have, through my trials, gained enough strength that there are times that I can let other lean on me. I have learned that, in my small corner of the world, I matter and I make a difference. That is more powerful than anything I could have ever wished for.


My hope is that I, like my Savior, can continue growing from grace to grace. As I lean on the powers of Heaven to help me today, I will gain knowledge and strength that will let me be a blessing to others tomorrow. Truly, the plans of God are beautiful.