Lessons from the Past, Hope for the Future

2013-1360709932dc92013 Was a Big Year

I was going back through my journal, and a lot of things have happened in 2013.

  • I was involved in a local Time Out for Women Event, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • I suffered some really big financial set backs, even though the amount of money I am earning on paper looks the same as last year. I have been blessed with enough experience now to not worry too much, but just be frugal. Heavenly Father will take care of me — He always has. This year has proven that yet again.
  • My son has grown into a wonderful young man. Yes, he makes some bone-head, teenaged decisions, but his heart is good — and he often acts on it. I’m still working to prepare myself for sending him to his father’s to live. At least I can part on good terms with him.
  • My oldest daughter has started reaching out to me again. It’s still a long road — her childhood was bumpy (as I state it in minimalist terms). I believe there is still hope. She is a beautiful woman.
  • Running has preserved my mental and physical health time and time again. It’s a release from the pressures of my daily life, and starts me off well every morning. Lifting weights adds to the benefits. I’ve been a regular exercisers now for about 1 1/2 years, and I love it!
  • Bumps and bruises in the friend department have brought me, at the end of 2013, to a place where I am ready to face down habits and patterns that I have held since a child and are crippling me. I am resisting the urge to chronicle my journey. In a couple of years, when I (hopefully) have completed it, I may write about it. I’m keeping good notes.
  • The progress I have made this year has opened my eyes to the blessings that have always surrounded me. They are wonderful! I realize now that I have a lovely family at work, that I have touched the lives of many people in good ways, and that I have much more to be thankful for than to worry about lacking. It’s been a terrific year.

My biggest lesson of the year

Faith is a power, not a wish. Because of my faith, I live with the certainty that I am exactly where God can use me best, learning the lessons that I need the most, and blessing the lives of people who need me.

My struggles won’t be over any time soon, but I will be able to stand as a witness that, as presented in the story of the people of Alma in the Book of Mormon, that God visits (and blesses) His people in their afflictions and watches over them with tender care. Meanwhile, I know that I will be sent little miracles everyday to see me through. I can’t think of anything more that I could want.

Looking forward to 20142014-in-3d

I have no idea what waits for me in the coming year.

I’m not sure I want to know. I can guess that there will be events and moments that leave me rejoicing with an overflowing heart that I was blessed to be part of them, and there will be things that threaten to knock my emotional feet from under me and leave me struggling to regain my balance. That is life as it should be.

As long as I can retain my connection to the Holy Spirit and the certainty that I am doing the will of my Father, all will be well.

Happy New Year, everyone!