When I’m three days behind schedule, I have to finally admit that I will have nothing profound to say for the week. There’s something about the way the summer went […]

I am still struggling, but staying focused on Christ, being thankful for the wonderful people who grace my life, and watching for the tender mercies of the Lord are all […]

I never really expected to have a problem celebrating Christmas — even though putting up and taking down decorations was always a bit of a pain, I welcomed the season […]

Physical and Spiritual Parallels

I have a friend who ran her first marathon today. While she didn’t do anything like qualify for Boston, she made a respectable show, completed, and ran hard. On the […]

Thanksgiving in the Rear View

The feast is now leftovers, Black Friday madness has come and gone. Litter lining parade routes has been collected, and we’re gearing up to get back to normal. So, what […]

Three Important Phrases

Some of my biggest moral growth has come after having bad experiences trying to get along with people. These bad experiences led to my admitting and confronting the codependency that has marred […]

Veterans' Day

I ran out of time again this weekend, and decided I would go back and “revive” a Veterans’ Day tribute from an earlier year. There weren’t any! I am completely […]


I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t have time to post yesterday — I had an amazing experience as I was leading the closing hymn in Relief Society […]