What a Life!

I missed posting at my regular time yesterday, and there’s really not time to do a “serious” blog entry this week. I can always try for next week….

I’m struggling with life right now. It’s not an emotional struggle — it’s a physical struggle. The truth is, by he grace of God (literally), I have been brought to a place where I am more content with who, what, how, and where I am than I have ever been before in my life. That part feels wonderful!

No, I’m struggling with loving to be doing, engaged, and living purposefully. It’s catching up with me. I’m constantly juggling work, home and family, church, friends, and personal goals and ambitions. I love it. I love the charge of knowing that each day has been spent well. The problem with my lifestyle is that it doesn’t leave much room for the hiccups and glitches that naturally occur in life. There can be no catastrophes, no unplanned emergencies.

Guess what? Life happened. Now, I’m caught between wanting to keep up with all the goals and duties in my life and losing sleep (but hopefully not what’s left of my sanity). I’m not sure exactly what the answer will be. I can ride this out for a little while longer and take some time to think about adjustments.

Meanwhile, if you see me in real life, please just ignore the bags under my eyes. I’ll be fine.