Spiritual Fatigue


When I first considered writing about this topic, I felt spiritually fatigued. I felt that I had made too many mistakes to really be of any use or value to my Heavenly Father. I wanted to do better, but I was bogged down in thinking I had to do it all by myself. I was still trapped in feeling punished by the events and circumstances of my life.

I’m still amazed by what a month or two can make when the Spirit has been teaching!

What Wears Me (Us) Out?

I’m sure that, in many respects, the answer to that question is as individual as we are. For me, being too busy is a big one. I walk a fine line, because I am convinced that the most uplifting way I can live my life is to fill it with good, productive activities. I’m still seeking the balance that will allow me to flex when illness, misfortune, and other “glitches” come along. So, I give it my best, wear myself out physically and mentally, and leave myself open to spiritual fatigue and discouragement. I can get in the same predicament if I look too hard at all the things that are going wrong around me and let myself believe that there are no fixes, or that I am being punished and will have to use my own strength and intelligence to dig myself out.

Now that it’s written out, it’s easy to see that spiritual fatigue has at its root the misunderstanding or misapplication of divine principles.

 How Can I Stay Spiritually Strong?

Believe it or not, I think the answer lies in truly understanding repentance. In the process of repentance, I have learned that I cannot lean on my own power. I can’t do it all on my own. My safety and strength depend on my ability to humble myself and partner with Heavenly Father. There is nothing that can occur in this life that Heavenly Father lacks the power to turn for good. I have also learned that the Atonement covers all aspects of sin and mistakes – the damage I do to myself, and the damage I do to others. I can trust a God that will do that for me!

Another step is focusing on being yoked with the Savior. Oxen were yoked so that they could share the load. Anytime I’m willing to do things God’s way, I become yoked with the Savior, and He carries the load – He will do the heavy lifting with me! I can lean on Him, trust Him, and walk with confidence through whatever comes.

Finally, I think the best cure for spiritual fatigue is to treasure up the things of the kingdom in my mind and heart. There are times when I notice myself thinking negative thoughts that I know aren’t true. The best way to get them out of my heart and mind is to chase them out with the truths of the gospel. That’s what I spend a lot of my time doing while I’m out on my runs – that’s why running restores my heart, mind, and body.

 If you’re reading this and feeling worn out spiritually, take courage. You can pray and ask for strength, and you can pray and ask for understanding. The answers and the help will come. Open your heart to the things the Savior wants to teach you through the power of the Spirit, and know that anything that comes with mortality will pass away in its time.