General Conference: Join Us!


Twice a year, Mormons are crazy enough to sit through as much as 10 hours of church over the course of a weekend! We call it General Conference, and it’s a pretty big deal. We get the opportunity to gather at Salt Lake City or in our local buildings – or even in the quiet comfort of our own homes and be instructed by the “big wig” leaders of the church: we call them prophets, apostles, and general authorities.

I find it humorous, even downright funny, that we are called a “secretive” church. We have websites (,,,, and more) that clearly present what we teach about God, our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. We have over 80,000 missionaries serving at their OWN EXPENSE knocking on doors and trying to contact you to tell you about it.

And, twice a year, we invite all of our friends and neighbors to join us and tune in for at least a little bit of General Conference.

Here is my personal invitation to you. Watch some of it!


If you’ve ever been curious about what Mormons believe, here’s your chance. You’ll be hearing the same doctrine and instruction that will be given to every member of our church.