Fatherhood and Brotherhood

Latter-day Saints have a doctrine that seems to have been more prevalent in the ancient christian faith, but was lost as councils were held and traditions change: we believe that God is literally the Father of our Spirits, that he created the earth to give us experiences with good and evil so that we could gain knowledge and experience, and that this life gives us the opportunity to become like him.

There is an excellent entry at LDS.org that explains the history, theology, and other points of the doctrine: Becoming Like God. (Be sure to check out the side bar!)

Doctrinal Implications

  1. Like perfect earthly parents, God truly cares. He is not off playing celestial golf, leaving us to our best devices. He is intimately involved in the affairs of this life.
  2. Everyone on this planet is eternally a brother or a sister. This changes (or should change) the way we view each other, and inspires Latter-day Saints to respect each person around them and to help where they can. Granted, as everyone is unique, some LDS members are better at this than others.
  3. We can be better than we have been, and we can receive divine help to change.
  4. Evil and disaster, as tough as they are, have a place and a purpose. They can be agents that soften hearts to listen to God’s message, they can be opportunities to bring out our best as we help each other, or they can serve other purposes. As a loving Father, God’s plan eternally covers those innocently injured.

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The doctrine of God as the literal Father of our spirits and the brotherhood of man has given rise to some beautiful music. PLEASE, if you want to listen, DO NOT use the play button at the top of the screen! (It gives you awful computer music.) USE THE LINKS to the right.

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