The Cricket

cricket-sandgrains-macro  PIC-0151

This will be short post this week.

The story begins with finding  a cricket in my closet. As a gardener, I love crickets. They are part of the glorious “circle of life” that helps break down decay and make it useful enrichment for my garden soil.

This little guy was quick, and I didn’t have a lot of time. So, when a couple of attempts to catch him and release him outside didn’t work, I left him in the closet and went about my daily activities.

A few hours later, I returned to the room. On the floor, I found several pieces of what used to be a small cricket. My two furry babies, Autumn and Blackjack, had enjoyed playing with him, but they are hunters by nature and the cricket was now dead. I knew this was a real possibility when I attempted to catch him and save him.

The problem was that the cricket had no way of understanding what my intents were. All it could perceive was the threat of something large trying to capture it. That mistake cost the cricket its life.

The Analogy

I am an intuitive person by nature. It’s part of who I am to fill in the blanks. Usually, I’m pretty good at it, because I notice little details quickly.

I’m not perfect in my logical leaps, and so I had to stop and question:

  • How many times have I missed out on blessings because I wouldn’t cooperate with Heavenly Father? How many times have I misjudged His intent because His way of accomplishing good in my life didn’t look like I thought it should?
  • How many times have I tried to run from things that looked difficult, painful, or dangerous in my life and missed out on the opportunity for growth?
  • How many times have I been willing to misjudge the intentions of another person to justify my position or my reaction?

In each of those cases, I was little better than the grasshopper, because something that could have been beautiful died.