Newly Wed

Well, it has finally caught up with me! I simply have run out of time to do one of my deep-thinking posts for the weekend.

Here’s the excuse:

  • On Monday, September 29, John and I received our letter from the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since we have both been married previously, there were some “loose ends” that had to be cleared up ecclesiastically before we could be sealed together in the temple.
  • On Tuesday, September 30, I interviewed with my bishop. On Wednesday, October 1, John interviewed with his bishop. Step one of finishing the steps to the temple successfully cleared!
  • We contacted friends and family to let them know what was happening, and to invite some of our closest loved ones to join us in the temple.
  • On Sunday, October 5 (after two days of General Conference), John and I had interviews with our Stake President, completing our steps to the temple.
  • On Monday, October 6, (thank goodness for fall breaks!) John and I went to the clerk’s office and got a marriage license.
  • On Tuesday evening, October 7, John and I were sealed for time and eternity in the Memphis, TN temple, surrounded by many who are near and dear to us!
  • Wednesday and Thursday, October 8-9, John and I took a short trip out of town to celebrate our marriage. Some people call this a honeymoon. I call it wonderful!
  • Monday, October 13, was back to the “real world.” Funny how adding marriage to an already full life and schedule makes time even tighter! I wouldn’t have it any other way, though.
  • Last night, October 18, friends from church threw an open house in our honor. What a humbling and loving experience to see how much time and effort was expended in our behalf! I was blown away by the show of support!
  • I am now needing to get to bed to start another work week. Time flies when you’re having fun!

All-in-all, I have never been happier! I am married to my best friend of nearly 10 years, and it is good! We have made adjustments, and will continue making adjustments, but we have a history of working things out and a pattern of seeking the good of each other. I feel good that all will be well.

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