Thanksgiving in the Rear View

cleanse-after-thanksgivingThe feast is now leftovers, Black Friday madness has come and gone. Litter lining parade routes has been collected, and we’re gearing up to get back to normal. So, what difference has Thanksgiving made?


Although it would have been nice to see more of my siblings, to have my children with me, and to have my dad back for one more day, I was blessed to be able to reach out to my brother, my sister-in-law and my mom. We had a Thanksgiving breakfast, and it was good to be together.

As our children go and life changes, it’s good to remember how important family is.

I am also blessed to be married for the first Thanksgiving in about 15 years. We are looking at starting new traditions, but we’re trying not to set so many traditions that we can’t be flexible to changing times and circumstances. I love having a dear companion to share life’s moments with.


I am a die-hard workaholic. For years, I have bowed to holidays because I knew my children needed them. Even now, I’d rather make a dent in my todo list than to get into all the fuss and such over the holidays.

I think some of my reluctance to “go big” on the holidays is that, for a much as I share publicly, there is a lot more that I prefer to keep to myself. I especially guard the thoughts and feelings that run deep.

So, I bury myself in my work.

The problem is that even workaholics need a break. This year, my husband was able to support me, and I stepped away from the grindstone for a little while and invested time in people who are important to me. It was good.


Hopefully, I’ve gained a little more perspective. I try to start and end my day in prayer, and I try to make sure that at least part of those prayers is spent thanking Heavenly Father for the blessings that I enjoy. Over the past year, one of the biggest things that has helped me make progress in gratitude is to remember that I focus on the good things “in my own bowl,” and try really hard to only look at what’s in someone else’s bowl when I want to make sure that they have enough.

By focusing on all the good that surrounds me, I have discovered a happy, full life.

I hope that each of us can live with Thanksgiving and gratitude.