Quick Update

When I’m three days behind schedule, I have to finally admit that I will have nothing profound to say for the week. There’s something about the way the summer went and being split between two schools and trying to give my all to both of them that has really taken its toll on my time.

So, in true workaholic fashion I have spent my two weeks of winter break

  • deep cleaning the yard — I fell behind in July, but the work waited for me!
  • de-cluttering the house — the timing on moving my husband’s things in as we prepared to get married was horrible, and there were rooms in the house that actually became unusable; they were messing with my head and needed to be fixed
  • “catching up on scriptures study”: as my husband has pointed out, no one really catches up  (and I have to be really careful to tune in and avoid just going through the motions because I’m in a hurry), but I set some goals for myself for the year, and I’ve pretty much met them
  • working out: for the past three weekends, I’ve covered enough distance to have completed a half marathon; since I totally give in to my sugar addictions over the holidays, this is a very good thing
  • thinking: breaks from the normal routine are a great time to reassess how I’m handling life; I’ve decided I’m still trying to spend too much time in the driver’s seat telling God how things should be happening

I’m not one to do New Year’s resolutions, because I’ve found they’re just a wish list. I’m going to try to continue my pattern of growing and improving, and I’m going to try to create the habit of letting Heavenly Father direct my life.

Have a good week!