Wrestling with a Baby

Although perhaps not as much as it with when I was a child, Christmas presents a spiritual dilemma. The logical side of me can see how easy it could be […]


I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and attend because I received a spiritual witness that it’s doctrines and teachings are true and […]

Ok. I will confess that I am writing a little over a week before it will be published. When this actually airs, I will be running my first marathon. It […]

Finding my "Gratitude Attitude"

This past Thursday, Americans celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday. As an American, I do tend to chuckle at our whitewashed version of history, but I completely support and love the fact […]

For Adults Only?

 Yep. It’s an odd title and an odd image for a “Mormon Blog,” but it totally captures some of the things that have been bouncing around in my head lately. […]

Pointing Fingers

 I guess I just had a bad start to the week, because there is an open document on my computer outlining the blog post that, at one time, I had […]

Living Compassionately

One of my goals lately has become to truly live compassionately, living so that it is a truly authentic piece of who I am — all of the time. I’ve […]