Patient with the Process

huge.15.78083As a music teacher, I have the privilege of teaching students beginning recorder. Most students make progress and are fine with learning and stretching themselves. Recorder is a hard instrument to do well in elementary school, and so some of my more intense students become very frustrated and begin to view themselves, their talents, and the class negatively.

Because there are relatively few of those students, I am often able to work with parents to meet with them and the student one-on-one before or after school. In one of these sessions, I was trying to explain that making squeaks and having to work and practice was all part of the process. I then encouraged the student to “be patient with the process.”

Later that day, I was reflecting on how far I am from the person I want to be. I still get frustrated when I witness people who should know better making poor choices that are going to bring them pain and hurt people they really care about. I get impatient when I’m trying to improve and it’s not going as well as I think it should. I even find myself telling God how to make things better for myself and the people around me!

I was in one of those moments when the Spirit gently whispered, “Remember what you said: be patient with this process. I know what I’m doing. Trust Me.”

I had to smile, because Heavenly Father always sends messages to me in my language. While the tone was gentle, there was a challenge in the words – do I really trust God, or is it lip service?

If I truly trust, I will learn to stop giving my advice, and seek counsel. Meanwhile, I will be patient with the process – He knows what He’s doing.