Conference: Come and See


I once had a friend express to me how much it bugs her that the “regular” people she knows think that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) are weird. Although I would have an answer for her now, I didn’t at the time. For whatever reason, having people think I’m weird (for whatever reason) has never bothered me as much. Besides, I have found that usually there is a lot of respect buried in the title “weird.” Perhaps there’s even a little jealousy, too. It takes a lot of commitment and strength to really live what our doctrine teaches.

Tonight for two hours, and next weekend for TEN, faithful Latter-day Saints will gather around TVs, computers, and other devices, and others will gather to our meeting houses to listen to the leaders of our church instruct us. There’s no theatrics, no church bands, not much of anything to hold our attention.

In my mind, this is either one of the biggest instances of mass brainwashing, or there’s got to be something to a religion that can pull off a meeting of these proportions.

My religion has been accused of being secretive. To me, that’s the height of irony. We have almost 90,000 missionaries serving at their own time and expense, ready to tell you all about what we teach and believe. We have an extensive internet presence, and our general conferences are broadcast live in April and October of every year.

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