Thank You, Fathers

As a teacher, I see the effects of family trauma where children are not being raised by both biological parents, and it breaks my heart. My heart aches for my children, who were so young when I left their father and were raised by a single mom and torn between two adults who couldn’t get along. The suffering they experienced still shows.

So, thank you to every father who has found a way to make the marriage work. Thank you to every man who has stepped in to fill the role of a dad when, for whatever reason, Dad wasn’t there for a child. Thank you to men who are willing to work in careers or volunteer time to mentor growing boys and girls as well as young men and young women. Thank you to the dads who want to be there, and do their best to be involved in spite of horrible odds. I hope you always know how much you are needed.

On Father’s Day, I wanted to post a tribute to all of you: