The Backlash: Cheating, Gays, and Sanctity

It didn’t take long for the memes to begin showing up on social media after hackers exposed the number of accounts they had found on a cheating website. Again, the “argument” that opposing same-gender marriage is hypocritical because of the number of heterosexuals who are violating their vows is being set forward. On the surface, there seems to be legitimacy to the claim.

However, this argument is much like someone excusing their own dumping of garbage on an empty lot or in a drainage ditch with the excuse that others have already dumped there. Since the area has already been polluted, a little more won’t hurt.

Social science is clear: children turn out best when they are raised with their biological mother and father who are married and who honor their vows and commitments and work to create a happy, stable home life. I have taught in an elementary school setting for about 15 years now. I survived an abusive marriage and an even more abusive divorce. I have seen the toll that disruptions in homes causes children professionally and personally. I have accepted the feelings I still carry that, if I could go back knowing what I know now, I would try to survive that marriage – just to give my children a more stable start to life, even if it meant never having the marital happiness that I now enjoy.

There is a problem in excusing one bad decision by pointing to the bad decisions of others – we allow ourselves to devolve to the lowest common denominators in society, and lose the pattern of working toward building what is best. We settle for the idea that being pretty good is good enough and asking for more is being judgmental. We call those who are trying to live up to ideals hypocrites for not being perfect when they suggest that others try their way of life.

So please, don’t try to hand me the argument that adding bad decisions to those already made is a justifiable pattern. God has spoken since the beginning that a man is to cleave unto his wife an none else. Twenty years ago, He spoke through modern prophets and reaffirmed that he has never changed those standards. He has repeatedly and lovingly warned us that, if we continue to allow societal standards to erode, we would watch our society crumble before our very eyes.

I saw the news this morning. I think God may know something that we don’t know, and that he just might be telling us the truth.