General Conference!


It is generally about this time in the fall and again in the spring that I chuckle that our church is labelled “secretive.” Not only do we have 80,000-90,000 missionaries voluntarily serving (and paying their own way to do so) to tell anyone who will listen about our faith, we have two (actually more, but the others are very specific in purpose) extensive websites to let you check us out:

Then, every six months, we broadcast via the internet and other means, the entire proceedings of our general conference — meetings where the members of the church are invited to attend and hear what prophets and apostles have been inspired by God to teach us and guide us today.

In that spirit, I am going to invite you to join with us today and tomorrow.  How?

If you’re just a little curious and don’t want to spend two hours at a time listening to the messages, you can see what was taught at the October general conference: