Getting Ready for Christmas

Ok. I will confess that I am writing a little over a week before it will be published. When this actually airs, I will be running my first marathon. It has been an honor to train to support the kids of St. Jude, and I owe them and the hospital a lot — working toward the goal has changed my physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have also just recently learned that not only can my Amazon shopping habit support the cause (Amazon Smile), but now every run I take can support them, as well (Charity Miles)!

So, I love making a difference for those who need a little help. Christmas, sadly, is not one of my loves. For my Christmas celebration, I would prefer to simply sit down and spend time learning more about Christ. So much of the rest of the season seems to be materialistic and fake.

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you have probably figured out that I have quite a cynical side. I have a real problem with people who suddenly become nice under the “Spirit of Christmas,” or who suddenly “try to be good.” Why wait? Why save it for one special time of the year. If you aren’t as good as you feel you should be, why isn’t it a year-round project? If you feel like you should go to church the Sunday before Christmas, what about the other 51 Sundays in the year? The cynic in me sighs, “Spare Me,” quite a bit in December.

Even so, I plan to celebrate Christmas. My husband will decorate the house out as much as he possibly can, and I won’t try to stop him. I will be bringing out holiday and winter songs in the classroom. I will smile, I will give gifts, and I will wish people “Merry Christmas.” I will also focus on Christmas on this blog. Let’s just say that it’s my gift back to the Savior.