Maybe God Knows Something

375d2b500616acdf78b0f2234eb1d1ebIt may just be one of the biggest struggles in my life, and I suspect that it’s a huge struggle for a lot of people — letting go and stepping out on faith. I’ve failed at it so many times in my life that I’m sure God is the only one who has an accurate count anymore.

Recently, as I was struggling over what appeared to be yet another not-so-warranted attack on my reputation, I was taught a truth that sounds so simple that I feel like I should have known it since the day I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Maybe I did on one level, but praying and seeking answers through my latest drama has brought me to a deeper understanding.

Part 1

God’s promises are sure. They are the only thing we have in this life that has a 100% guarantee of working. Somehow, in ways that I can’t even begin to comprehend, God really does know the end from the beginning! If he says that something is going to happen, it will. If he promises a blessing for obedience, it’s coming.

The doubt creeps in because we often attach our own ideas of what the fulfillment of the promises and blessings are going to look like. We don’t have that privilege. God decides.

While some people have a “pride moment” with that idea, when we understand that God set up this whole experience with mortality because it was the best way to give us every good thing that we could get, then letting God dictate what our blessings look like isn’t a problem, it’s a wonderful gift — because they will be the best thing for us.

Point 2

Since God’s promises are 100% guaranteed eternally, we can live as if we already have every promise fulfilled and every blessing given now. As long as we live obedient to God’s commandments and stay within the bounds that God has set, we will have every need supplied, help in every time of trial and struggle, and peace that we are exactly where we need to be doing what we need to be doing.

Acting “as if” isn’t just a performers trick or some new age feel good idea. When applied correctly with an understanding of the restored gospel, it is an act of faith.

Point 3

Once we understand that we can live our lives as if everything has been made right and all our needs are already met, the next challenge of faith is to live in gratitude for the blessings we haven’t yet gotten but know are coming. Maybe that’s what President Uchtdorf meant when he told us to “Live the Gospel Joyfully.