Comfort by Example




I didn’t have any distinct impressions or pressing problems (at least any that I haven’t already written about ad nauseum!) this week, so I turned to the scriptures.

A couple of things in my life have converged to give the verses in 2 Corinthians 2 new meaning:

  • I read a very moving blog post that has caused me to think about the real purpose of life. I’m tossing around the idea that although life is unique to each person, everyone’s purpose is to build relationships that bring us closer to Christ.
  • A renewed understanding that divine teaching happens through experience and example. True, we have direct instruction in the scriptures as well, but a large portion of the scriptures are guides to dealing with life events and records of examples we can follow — with the Savior being our chief example.

So, as I look at these verses each morning, I feel joy. I feel joy that I can lift and comfort others, and I even feel joy for the experiences that have given me the wisdom and the closeness to God to allow me to do so.

I may not ever be the one who can cook meals, clean houses, take care of a friend’s sick children — my job gets in the way all too often — but I can be the person who has an encouraging word, a kind smile, and a gentle hug.

To me, the important thing is to listen to what the Holy Spirit is directing me to do, and then follow those instructions!