Someone Should be Able to Stop This

322-1222511197yhmWThe first half of 2016 has definitely been eventful: murders, arson, animal attacks, terrorist attacks, and more. At one point I saw several versions of the same thought cross my social media feeds:

Someone should be able to stop this!

And, since this is the United States of America, we have politicians making promises and corporations trying to sell to us — all in the name of safety. We want to believe, but we are becoming so jaded by all that the news media is throwing at us that we can’t even think straight.

I believe that the insanity can be stopped, but not in the “quick fix” way modern society seems to demand it. The gospel, rightly lived and preached, will save the souls of humankind and change life on earth as we know it. Here is how I see us as being able to stop the insanity!

  1. Unplug. The news media and the entertainment industry are seeking after the sensational, the horrific, and the tantalizing. If we choose, we can be bombarded with media 24/7/365. The Holy Spirit is a still, small voice that is easily drowned out by all of the noises and flashing lights we take in. Unplug, look around you, get to know people face to face, and see what reality really is.
  2. Pray. When we go to the LDS Guide to the Scriptures, we learn that prayer is not about trying to change God’s will. Prayer is an act of humility that will allow us to bring our will in tune with God’s. If God is the author of peace and love, and if peace and love are what we are most lacking on the earth right now, then it makes sense to go to Him to ask for the secrets to bring peace and love back to the earth.
  3. Study. I think the most dangerous person on the face of the earth is a person who is convinced he or she knows God’s word without ever reading or studying it! We have a common saying in the church that when we want to talk to God, we pray. When we want to hear from God, we study the scriptures. If we truly want to bring peace and love back to the earth it has to start from the inside out.
  4. Live What You Believe. There’s an old saying that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. That is so true! Of course, I have figuratively seen many people in my life (and been one of them on occasion) who drag that blasted horse to the waterhole, fight with the horse to get its head in the water, and nearly drown the poor animal in an attempt to make it do what it should! Rather than preaching about should’s and must’s, we need to make our lives a picture of the joy that comes from living life God’s way and willing share it with everyone around us.
  5. Accept risk. One of the core concepts of mortality is that there will be opposition in all things. Evil will continue for as long as there is mortal life. We need it so that we can understand things like faith. That means there will always be the risk of suffering evil at the hands of someone else. Even so, living the gospel the way God asks of us will give us the assurance that everything that befalls us is already covered in the Atonement, and our blessings are already given.

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