I Want Jesus

to-forgive-or-not-to-forgiveThe recent General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was very moving. One of the themes that emerged as the speakers shared what the Lord had put in their hearts and minds was that our testimonies need to be rock-solid in Christ. Anything else is a weak anchor in the storms of life.

While I believe that I am firmly committed to the restored  gospel, I have often wondered if I truly know my Savior well enough to be firmly rooted in him, to love him as I should, and to worship him with true devotion. I’ve decided to start a quest that will last as long as I feel it is necessary and really get to know Jesus the Christ through ancient scriptures and modern day prophets. In the coming weeks, I will be taking along any of you who are following my blog.

Here is an amazing song that I hope will set the tone for this odyssey: