Jesus Christ: King of Kings



For me, this may be one of the titles of Christ that is easiest to forget. Yes, it kind of makes me sad, because it means that I’m missing out on a lot.

Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. Think about that for a minute! He is still in charge of everything that is happening in this world. He still sets things into motion to accomplish his good and righteous purposes. No unhallowed hand can stop the work of salvation from going forward. Suffering is heartbreaking, but it has a purpose if we turn to him. Godly strength and character are forged in the furnaces of our deepest trials, and our Savior is near us each step of the way.

Below is a video of President Gordon B. Hinckley testifying of Christ as the King of Kings, and then a video of Natalie Grant singing a song that always stops me short to think about how I treat the Savior in my day-to-day living. At the end is a link or two for more reading. Enjoy!


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