Jesus Christ: Healer


I think one of the qualities I think about most when I think of my Savior is that he is a Healer. His greatest desire is that you, I, and everyone else become whole and complete in body, mind, and spirit. True, sometimes these blessings are withheld during mortal life, and we have to deal with mental illness, physical ailments and disabilities, and even spiritual wounds that leave us wondering what’s wrong with us that we can’t have the miracles, too.

I don’t have the answers, because I have no more ability to totally read the mind of Christ than any other mortal. I don’t know why parents have to bury children. I don’t know why brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers die or become ill in the prime of their life. I don’t know why there are sometimes parts of who we are that we just can’t seem to improve no matter how hard we try.

All I know is what has been revealed in scripture, through the voices of modern prophets, and by my own personal experiences.

  • There are often many reasons that we are asked to struggle through life. It’s doubtful we will fully understand until we can talk with our Savior face-to-face. Until then, we are allowed compensatory blessings through Christ’s atonement if we will humble ourselves and receive them. We can receive mental strength to keep going with a good attitude. We can receive peace in the knowledge that not only are we not forgotten, we are known intimately and fully. We can receive assurance through the witness of the Holy Spirit that God is good, and that what we are experiencing can and will be used for our benenfit.
  • As I think of suffering, I tend to think of butterfly wings. It would be so easy to think that a caring, merciful person would loosen the crysalis and help the butterfly out. Unfortunately, such actions end in killing the butterfly, because it is during the struggle that the wings the butterfly needs receive strength. The struggle forces blood into the capillaries of the wings to nourish them. Surely, the young butterfly is NOT having fun, but the struggle is necessary. I think that may be why we have to struggle and push so hard.
  • When life is easy, it is easy to forget the Savior and all that he has done for us. It’s easy to think that we prosper because of our intelligence and strength, and we forget where these gifts origniated. Struggles and trials turn us to the Savior.

So, as we consider Christ as our Healer, remember that he is the Master Healer. He sees what we need now and what we need in the future. He knows the best way to equip us, and he knows how to walk with us and help us along the way. Welcome the healing the way the Master Healer sends it: whether it be a removal of the trial or exactly the succor we need to make it through, stronger and wiser than we were before.