Jesus Christ, Messiah


Tracing the history of the word “messiah” takes us back to the Hebrew word for “anointed one.” My understanding of anointing is that a person was anointed when they made a covenant to serve in a special capacity or made special vows to God.

So, before the world was even created, Jesus Christ agreed to be our Savior. He then became intimately involved in every step of the plan, creating the earth under the direction of his Father, functioning as Jehovah of the Old Testament, and coming in bodily form in the New Testament. He was the only one who could be totally relied upon to keep his premortal covenant with us once he got to earth.

This means that everything he did was to fulfill his mortal mission. He set every example, taught vital truths, and established the standards that he required for us to return to him and to his Father. He stayed true to his covenant as he suffered incomprehensible anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane. He kept his heart pure and free from any frustration and anger as he was humiliated in mock trials by Jewish leaders, illegially condemned to death, and then killed in the most cruel way known to man at the time. He stayed true to his covenants.

When I first joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I mistakenly believed that Christ was able to accomplish everything that he did because he had extraordinary help from Heaven. I still believe he received extraordinary help, guidance, and tutoring, but I now believe that was the result. I now personally believe that he was under the same restrictions as I am — through is extraordinary faithfulness, he received extraordinary blessings.

So, as I rejoice in Jesus Christ having been anointed to be Messiah and Savior, I also rejoice in the deeper example that I will merit the guidance and protection of heaven if I remain true and faithful to my covenants. My calling is much smaller, but my promise is sure — the Savior kept his covenant so that he can help me keep mine.