Jesus Christ, Son of Joseph


I have probably already upset someone by calling Jesus the Son of Joseph. Somewhere, I am already being called to task for perpetuating a myth. Even so, I will type on.

Those of us who believe the Biblical account of Christ as being true understand that Christ’s lineage is through Mary and Heavenly Father. How that exactly came to be is a miracle. I fully support that the Savior is the result of a virgin birth.

Even so, Christ needed an earthly Father — someone who would step in and accept a divine charge to make sure that the child destined to be the Savior of the World would be raised in a manner that would allow him to fulfill his earthly mission.

That man was Joseph.

I can’t think that Joseph was chosen by chance. Joseph would have needed to be an extremely righteous and faith-filled man. It takes a lot of faith to know that the people of your little town would be pointing fingers and snickering when your fiance begins to gain weight and then goes off to visit family for several months. It takes a lot of faith to believe an angel that she had been true and faithful and called to a high and holy calling.

It takes incredible faith, dedication, and determination to be strict on yourself when you are just tired and don’t want to spend time teaching your children the things of God. It takes patience and humility to seek out how to raise such a child in the first place! Joseph had to guide the little child, Jesus, to his Heavenly Father, and he had to do it with all the exactness he could muster.

I believe that Jesus Christ should be our Great Example and our bigget hero. Even so, if more men and women looked to Joseph for an example of parenthood, we would be far better off in our homes, our nations, and our worlds.

Praise be to God for righteous parents, friends, and mentors in our lives!