Jesus Christ, Son of Mary

son-of-mary I will not pretend that I fully understand how Mary conceived our Savior and provided him with a mortal body that could be subject to death. I consider it a miracle, because all I have ever read in the scriptures is that Mary was overshadowed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Anyway, I want to focus on Jesus’ earthly mother. She must have been committed to living the law of Moses and truly converted to follow God to the best of her ability. I can’t fathom being a young woman, possibly still a teenager, and being told that I would give birth to the promised Messiah! Surely the risks of being rejected by my fiance and of being ostracized (at best) by my society (pre-marital sexual relations was punishable by death in those days) would have weighed heavily on my mind.

Even so, Mary was a woman of faith and strength. She believed the angel and accepted the charge to be our Savior’s mortal mother. That act alone is a tremendous example of righteous womanhood! Together with Joseph, she helped provide the Savior with a home that would prepare him to carry out his mortal mission and keep his covenants.

Mary also provided Jesus with a mortal body. He was not exempt from the requirements of obtaining a body to continue to progress eternally. He was also not exempt from pain, injury, and sickness. When he was beaten and crucified, the pain he experienced was real. When he bowed in the garden in Gethsemane, he learned, first hand, how much sin hurts and how devastating it is to the human soul. He who had never sinned now understood every facet of sin in all its pain and ugliness.

His mortal body allowed him to be able to die, and he did so willingly. From the beginning, his focus was on making sure that each of us could have a chance to repent, be cleansed from our sins, and live with God again. He knew the fate of each and every one of us was on his shoulders, and so he died to pay the price for sins he never committed.

Because he died, he was able to conquer death through the power of resurrection. In that singular act, he forever claimed victory over death and over the power of Satan. He will extend that power and protection to us, if we will live worthy to receive it!