Jesus Christ, Son of God

son-of-god-nativity Strangely, as I started to type this post, I began to doubt my ability to express myself! Over the past five years, I have written hundreds of posts: some pretty good, some not worth re-reading. Even so, expressing my deep feelings for my Savior as the Son of Heavenly Father is intimidating!

On earth, Jesus was raised by Mary and Joseph, mortals with imperfections who both accepted the charge to raise Jesus in such a way that He would be physically and spiritually prepared to fulfill his earthly mission.

Because of their dedication and Christ’s righteous choices, he was taught from on high. I have no doubt that, just as recorded in scripture for prophets, that the Savior received divine instruction from heavenly messangers. Words spoken by Christ during his earthly ministry tell us that he knew the words of ancient prophets, but they also tell us that he knew his Heavenly Father well. He understood the power of the priesthood far better than any mortal probably ever will, and he used those divine powers to bless, comfort, teach, and lead any who would come to him. His goal was to point them to Heavenly Father and to eternal life.

Although we are not called to a mortal mission of the same level of importance as the Savior, we are called to pattern our lives after him. Even if we were not raised by parents who did their best to point us to Christ, we are now at a point where we can choose to search the words of ancient and modern prophets, pray as Christ did, and learn. Even if we never see angels, we will be visited by the Holy Ghost — a member of the Godhood who has the task of testifying to our hearts and minds of Christ and also of teaching and leading us in the ways of truth and righteousness. If we heed the promptings given by the Holy Ghost, we can eventually come to know our Savior as well as he knows his Father. We also can come to know our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, our Savior.