Jesus Christ: Bread of Life

As I think about bread, Christ, and the idea that Christ is the bread of life, I am having to search deep into my heart and mind. As I sorted through goals and possible resolutions, I decided I wanted to write more from my heart.

So, my mind immediately races to the idea that grains (and, therefore, bread) have been the sustaining food source for civilizations throughout humanity. It provides energy and nutrition. In fact, it seems that only in our most recent modern times has grain become a “scary” food. A lot of that problem seems to come from our delight in bleached flour and in processing grains until they lose the natural goodness they contained when they were harvested.

So, how does this relate to Jesus Christ, our Savior? I would say that, first of all, he has been the sustaining force behind mortality, also known as God’s plan of happiness. Under Heavenly Father’s command, he created the world. He offered himself as our Savior before anyone inhabited the earth. He has overseen the course of history and provided redemption from sin that we could never provide for ourselves. He opened the doors of eternity when he was resurrected. He has taught us, either directly or through prophets, everything necessary for us to know, understand, and do to inherit eternal life. He will lead us and help us in the world to come. He literally is our sustaining force throughout our existence.

The next idea is that bread fills an nourishes. There are many answers to the problems we face each day. Priorities encircle us from every angle — and there is always more that we could be doing! The big question in life is what are the best priorities, and what are the right answers? I personally believe that the answers are the ones provided by Christ — the ones that nourish and fill us. Sometimes, this means we have to accept paradoxes:

  • We are required to step out in faith before we can know things spiritually.
  • We have to let go of the things that would seem to give us power and security in order to have eternally lasting power and security.
  • We have to love the unlovable.
  • We find ourselves most often by losing ourselves in serving others.
  • We have to empty ourselves of many of the things we think we know to be true in order to really be filled with the truth.
  • We have to show intent by working to gain what we want spiritually.
  • We find that true joy and peace aren’t found in the absence of trials, they are found in overcoming trials through Christ.

Christ nourishes us with these and other truths, and he also nourishes us while we are seeking and searching for the truth. He truly wants to fill the hunger that burns inside our hearts and minds, but in order for us to be lastingly filled, we have to be willing to do it his way.

And just like our modern flours and chemically enhanced groceries, all that Christ offers loses its nourishing power as it is mixed and diluted with ideas that come from the limited minds of men. When that happens, we find ourselves relentlessly chasing philosphies and ideas to fill the emptiness inside, only to find that they have a limited shelf life, can lead to deadly illnesses, and cause us to crave more and more.

My challenge to me and to you today is to humbly approach the Father in prayer through Christ and ask to be shown eternal truths, to be directed in ridding ourselves of diluted beliefs and errors caused by our acceptance of mortal ideas, and to be blessed with determination and understanding so that we may study God’s word and be led to the truths that Christ is waiting to give to us.