Jesus Christ: Cornerstone

From what I remember, the cornerstone was a specially selelcted and placed stone. It formed part of the foundation of the building. It was laid in the foundation to take the brunt of the weight and stress of the building. It was also used to line up the walls so that they would be straight and true.

As I consider the beauty of the metaphor of calling Christ the cornerstone, my heart swells. He willingly volunteered to bear the weight of mortality — all of our sins, mistakes, illnesses, rebellions, hurts, fears — as the foundation of our faith and hope in eternity. Also, as our example (see last week’s post) he is the standard from which we base the position of the rest of the building (our lives, our faith, etc.)

However, there’s a deeper question to consider: “Is Christ the cornerstone of my life?”

I think the easy part for me is coming fairly close to lining my life up with the example the Savior set. While I’m not perfect, I’ve come a long way. It’s kind of easy for me to look at the standards set out in the scriptures and in conference talks and determine if I’m measuring up. Since I’m not measuring up perfectly, then I simply look at the deficiencies and create a plan. Easy, right?

Not exactly. See, Christ wants to take the burdens. He wants me to use his strength to take the pressures and the stresses of trying to build my life as He wants my life to be built. He wants me to incorporate Him and His direction into my personal improvement plans. He wants to be able to, as the song says, “lead me, guide me, walk beside me.”

Suddenly, I have a problem. I’m used to being a maverick and a loner. I like proving how awesome I am. My pride says that I can’t follow without giving up that special feeling of being a cut above. It took me years to learn to compete mostly with myself instead of everyone around me. Now, I have to learn to step back and let my Savior have all the credit. In my head, it makes all the sense in the world. In my heart, there’s a pretty big fight.

Which leads to this week’s challenge:

  • Am I willing to take a step back, let the Savior lead, and give Him the credit for my life?