Finding Checkpoints

I have found that God has given me opportunities to check my opinons, thoughts, and actions against His sovern standards. Sometimes they come from unexpected places. Not long ago, I was reading Moroni 6 and journalling. Here’s what I wrote:

Moroni 6 could easily be glossed over as a checklist — how to tell if a person is ready for baptism, and what to do with them once they join the church. In all honesty, if we only applied it that much and did our duty towards other members (new and old), that would definitely make for an improvement in the church.

But, I think this can go deeper. A couple of conferences ago, President Uchtdorf gave a great talk called “Lord, is it I?” In this talk, he teaches us to apply that question as we have spiritual experiences. I’d like to take that approach to this chapter:

  • Does my life, including my actions and my thoughts, show that I am worthy of my membership of the kingdom of God on earth and the spiritual privileges that brings?
  • Do I still have a broken heart and contrite spirit, recognizing that the only thing that can make me acceptable before God is my willingness to apply the atonement in my life through obedience and covenant-keeping?
  • Have I truly taken upon myself the name of Christ, trying to handle each day in the way that He would? Am I following the promptings and guidance given to me by the Holy Spirit?
  • Am I determined to serve Christ until the end?
  • Do I make sure that I am noursihing myself with the good word of God, being obedient, and praying regularly? Do I rely solely on the merits of Christ for my salvation? Am I lifting others and pointing them in this same direction anytime the opportunity arises?
  • Do I attend my church meetings regularly and partake of the sacrament worthily?
  • Do I search my life for iniquity and repent quickly and fully?

I don’t always look forward to searching my life with these kinds of questions — it’s not fun to find that I’m falling short again/still! But, there is safety and security in checking to see if I am following the course that leads to eternal life. Even better is recognizing that the Savior stands ready to guide me an help me along the way.