What Are You Afraid of?

I was reading one of President Uchtdorf’s talks from the April 2017 general conference. As I read, a profound perspective change opened up a brand new idea to me.

I have always thought of the phrase, “perfect love casteth out fear” in this way”

If I can just love God and Christ enough, I’ll never fear again. I’ll have to work really, really hard, but I’m just going to keep making myself love God more and more.

As an innocent beginning, it’s not bad. My recent insight suggests that I can go a lot deeper. It also protects me from being convinced that, because I am fearful or worried about something, that I am somehow “failing” at loving God and Christ enough.

As I wa reading, two questions came to my mind:

Whose name is Love?

Who is Perfect?

My heart swelled as I thought about this! My safety and security has never rested on my ability to do anything “enough”! Christ is Perfect Love, the same as His Father. The call throughout the scriptures and history is to “come unto Christ.”

As my mind connected these to things, a totally new message emerged:

Come to Christ with my whole heart, and He will take away my fears. He will give me the courage to be obedient and follow Him in faith. As I do, He will create the circumstances that will allow me to become perfected in Him.”

As President Uchtdorf said in another talk, “It is beautifully simple, and it works beautifully.” Yes, the gospel definitely is!