Looking Back: Summer 2017

If you are a regular reader, you have an idea of how my summer went. However, I want to take a moment to look back and see the lessons that I learned (or at least should have learned).

  • “Pobody’s Nerfect”: Usually, my blogging blunders are only about as serious as writing something that no one is interested in reading. On the early end of this summer, I didn’t yet realize how deeply life changes were affecting me, I didn’t evaluate my feelings before I wrote a post, and I hurt feelings. I’m still trying to recover mentally and emotionally from that mistake. Even so, I learned that I will make mistakes as I am trying to move forward in a new lifestyle, and I’m going to have to grow some thicker skin.
  • My family is much bigger than I originally wanted to accept. Before I even married my husband, he kept telling me how much his family loved me and adored me. I thought he was either a little bit crazy or exaggerating a lot. We made our second trip to visit his family, and they still adore me as much now as they did before they met me. I have always felt completely welcome and included. Going to visit is really an opportunity for me to go home — even if it is a place I’ve never lived.
  • Change is good. When I first realized that the Lord was releasing me from my life’s calling as a teacher, part of me felt cheated and felt a little like I had never been any good at what I was doing. I had a hard time not falling into the thinking trap of being removed from the career because I wasn’t any good. God has opened up ways for me to serve and make a positive difference that wouldn’t have been available if I were still teaching. One of the best is that I now have time to spend with my Mom weekly. Heavenly Father really does know best.
  •  Stewardship and consecration run a lot deeper than I had imagined. After wallowing in pity for about two months, I finally reached a place where the Lord could shake me out of it. I had already been going over the idea of the Law of Consecration and the true meaning of “everything” when the Holy Spirit inspired my thoughts. Everything includes my attitude. My attitude is a tool that can be used to build up the kingdom of heaven on earth. I had not been using mine appropriately, and I needed to change.
  • Even when I can’t completely grasp the lesson, the Lord keeps teaching. For several years, I have been receiving the message — through multiple spiritual channels — that I need to understand how much the Lord loves me. That part of my brain still seems to be broken, and I tend to reject the idea each time I begin to look more deeply at it. Even so, as I was listening to music and working in the yard, He tried again. This time, he helped me understand that he sees me as the Ugly Duckling. I’ve been interpreting life events, the actions and reactions of other people, and who knows what else as telling me that I am ugly, awkward, unlovable. The truth is, I’m just a different breed.

Reviewing, remembering, and looking for the types, symbols, and lessons in our everyday life are taught to us because the Lord is always teaching, leading, and guiding.