Living a Consecrated Life

I was very touched by the lesson scheduled for visiting teaching this month. I think that it was perfectly timed because I have been studying abundance and consecration in my personal studies.

Here are a few quick thoughts about living a consecrated life:

  • Consecrating is setting something apart for sacred purposes. So, if we consecrate our lives, we are setting our entire lives apart for God’s sacred purposes.
  • Consecration goes much deeper than just money.
  • Consecration is eternally tied to stewardship — once we decide we are consecrating anything to God, we become stewards over that thing. It is no longer ours, and we are to use it for the purposes of him to whom it belongs.
  • When we think of consecrating our lives, it eventually involves everything: money (of course), time, talents, abilities, thoughts, actions, desires, attitudes, hopes, and dreams.

I think the biggest breakthrough for me was when I realized that maybe living the law of consecration isn’t always about giving from our abundance. Lately, it seems to be having to set aside what I believe I could have made abundant because the Lord needs my time and attention somewhere else.

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