Seven Things I Learned in August

When I decided to rethink the purpose of my blog, I decided that, from time to time, I would stop and reflect on the things that I have learned in my daily life and scripture studies. In the scriptures, the admonition to remember is repeated many times. I think this is my way of doing just that.

Here is a taste of the Lord’s goodness to me:

  1. A Long Drive with an Old Friend is Good Medicine: As I went through some major changes in my life, I slipped back into old, useless habits — especially wallowing in self-pity. I began to wall myself off from good people and to eye others with suspicion. I confided in one or two trusted people, and the response of this good friend was to push all of the right buttons to get me to ride with her to the temple. She knows me well, and I really didn’t want to hear everything she had to say as we talked. However, it was like swallowing foul-tasting medicine: my soul began healing from that point onward. As I move forward from that point, I am searching and praying for the Lord’s way of ensuring that I don’t return.
  2. When God Wants to Get a Message Through, He Makes a Way: Believe it or not, one of the strongest repairs came through my choice to study abundance and the law of consecration, which is closely tied to the Lord’s bounty. I would never have been able to teach someone how to overcome a lifetime of self-defeating behavior through teaching her about abundance, but the Lord did. He showed me exactly how he has wired the world, my body, and my spirit for abundance, and how work and struggle are part of the plan. He even showed me that living the law of consecration for me means being willing to place my dreams and my beliefs about what I really deserve in his hands and trust that what he gives back will be enough in abundance.
  3. The Lord has Designed this world for Abundance: I wrote about this a week or two ago, but I heard a classic talk this month that used an ear of corn as an example. One ear from one plant has the ability to create a hundred or more plants. When placed under greater and greater stress, muscles become stronger. I have no need to worry as long as I’m humbly trying to follow the Lord.
  4. Time Management is Still one of my Worst Skills: I’ve now had three months to be working on starting a business. I’ve done about a week’s worth of work on it. Part of the problem is that I’ve discovered my body needs about 10 hours of sleep a day, which explains why I was struggling to maintain a 6 1/2 hour sleep schedule as a teacher. I also have totally unrealistic ideas about how long it will take me to accomplish anything. I suppose I will get better with time. Meanwhile, I am focusing on asking each morning to be able to set my priorities in divine order so that the things that Lord needs me to do will be accomplished each day.
  5. Turning a Blind Eye to Personal Weakness is Incredibly Easy: As I was wallowing in self-pity, I piled up a list of accusations of how other people had failed me. It turns out most of those accusations could be turned back on me — especially while I’m throwing a pity party. I am working to do better.
  6. Facing my Fears is a lot like Eating an Elephant: As old as I am, I still run from the possibility of failure. I’m now having to take more risks at the same time than I have taken in a long time. The last time I was put through a situation like this, it was designed by the Lord so that I couldn’t run. I suppose I can take this as positive progress, but it’s still a real challenge for me.
  7. At-Home Pregnancy Tests are Awesome!: I had my first “Am I Getting Older or Is This a Major Life Change” experience this past month, very near my birthday. Two tests later, I am convinced that I am just getting older. I was amazed at how excited and fearful I was! I have raised three kids and nurtured far more than that, I have learned and grown beyond the knowledge I had in my 20’s, but I was scared of making the same mistakes all over again. I was worried that I would resent having a child because I would have to give up my charmed life and my current goals. It was an interesting look into who I really am at this stage of my life.

So, there you have it. Seven things from the eighth month of the year.