Overcoming the World

One of the things I love most about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is knowing through the witness of the Holy Spirit that the church is being led by living prophets and apostles. Today, I want to share my thoughts about a talk given by Elder Neil L. Anderson in April 2017.

I wish I could remember the source of the thought that I wish to link with this talk, but the idea is that the Lord, Jesus Christ, overcame the world by patiently enduring every pain, temptation, ridicule, and torment that was ever thrown at him and remained true and faithful to the purpose that brought him to the earth in the first place.

Since we are in the process of becoming like the Savior and we have been encouraged to use the Savior as our example, it would make sense that we, too, need to be trying to reach a place where we can patiently endure and remain true and faithful.

Elder Maxwell gave some points on how we can overcome the world:

  1. Those who overcome the world develop an all-encompassing love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” It takes a lot of remembering and recognizing to develop this love, especially when we are in the middle of hard times. But, it’s during those hard times that it’s most important to remember how much effort that the Savior has given for each one of us personally and to try to recognize every blessing, no matter how small it seems, that is sent to assist us through our trials. As we do, we will be filled with gratitude and love because we begin to understand how much the Savior really does love us!
  2. Those who overcome the world recognize their accountability to God. “Those of the world have difficulty with accountability to God—like a child who parties in his parents’ home while they are out of town, enjoying the ruckus, refusing to think about the consequences when the parents return 24 hours later. The world is more interested in indulging the natural man than in subduing him. Overcoming the world is not a global invasion but a private, personal battle.”
  3. Those who overcome the world turn outward, serving others with total unselfishness. “The world is easily irritated, disinterested, and demanding, loving the cheers of the crowd, while overcoming the world brings humility, empathy, patience, and compassion for those different than yourself.”
  4. Overcoming the world means knowing that the “Lord gives us safety as we heed the guidance from His living prophets and apostles.” There will always be beliefs which we hold which invite ridicule, but a true disciple is willing to stand out and stand up.


“Overcoming the world is not one defining moment in a lifetime, but a lifetime of moments that define an eternity.”