We’re Not a Simulation!

Cosmos magazine recently reported that a team of theoretical physicists has proven that it’s impossible for us to be living as part of a giant alien computer simulation. I suppose this would be an opportunity to poke a little fun at those who have subscribed to the idea, but I’m working hard to never have that sort of behavior be part of my style again, and it’s not what really caught my attention in the article.

Because I’m really not a physics enthusiast, I will admit that quite a bit of the terminology in the article was meaningless to me. However, I could understand the idea that for whatever particle or unit they were discussing, the computing power would have to increase exponentially. That’s a lot more than just doubling the power every time you added a unit — it’s adding another zero to the end of the computing power needed!

So, here is where my mind is blown: by the power of the Holy Spirit, I know that there is a living God in heaven who knows each and every one of his creations intimately. Our Heavenly Father has that kind of “computing power” in his head! How amazing is that?

And then a second thought blew my mind yet again: God has explicitly told us that his work and his glory is to give each person the opportunity to have immortality and eternal life. Eternal life is living as God lives, and having all that he has. He intends for us to have that kind of capacity, too!

Suddenly, the difficulties that I sometimes encounter in trying to keep the commandments and be as much like Jesus as I can don’t seem like much of a price to pay!


What insights have you had lately that have “blown your mind” about the greatness and/or the goodness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ?