Your Treasure

Some topics and titles immediately brand a post as being “preachy” or “the same old stuff.” I have chosen one of those titles, hoping that you will have the courtesy to read a little longer before you pass judgment.

These are my thoughts and reactions to “Where Your Treasure Is” by Elder Michael John U. Teh

The first observation that stuck with me is the idea that tragedy refocuses our priorities. As I look back over my life, every major change that has occurred through tragedy has left a lasting impression on my life. I can look around my home and realize that many of the things that I possess (especially the ones that are in the category of “I might need them someday”) I would probably not miss if they were lost or destroyed. I certainly know from personal experience that I can rebuild from almost anything by placing my trust in the Savior.

So, the question becomes, what are the things that are most valuable to treasure up? What is there that natural disaster, crime, and the like can’t pry out of my hands?

  • A Christlike character,
  • Family relationships that have been built according to the pattern given by the Lord,
  • The fruits of service, and
  • Knowledge and testimony of Christ and His gospel that I’ve gained.

We determine our perspective now and our eventually reward in the eternities by what we train our hearts to treasure now.

Do you have an experience where the Lord has refocused your priorities and you have learned from tragedy? Please share it in the comments below. Also, consider posting this article to social media and starting a conversation with your friends.