Clocks Metaphorically

The older I get, the more I am becoming a fan of metaphors and object lessons. In the September magazines, there was a short little article called, “Clocks.” It was a cool look at how clocks are similar to the Holy Ghost. I’d like to expand on the idea.

  1. Clocks give us important information. Time is a limited resource. We only have from the time we are born to the time we die. Time is used to help people connect and meet. Without clocks, we would have a lot of difficulties in organizing group activities, keeping up with history, etc. The Holy Spirit also provides us with important information. Without him, we would be cut off from divine communication.
  2. The clock ticks and provides the time, regardless of who is or isn’t paying attention. Clocks don’t stop or periodically take breaks (ok, but we’ll ignore the battery problem right now!) just because no one is paying attention. The information is always available, but it is up to us to gain that information by getting close enough to receive it. The Holy Spirit is always ready to provide us with the guidance we need in our lives, but we have to remain righteous and worthy to receive the inspiration that is available.
  3. We have to exert the right effort in order to gain the information we need. If we close our eyes and touch the clock, we are very unlikely to get any useful information. In the same way, if we are busy making our own plans without being still and listening for the Spirit, we also will miss important information.

What is the best parable or metaphor you have heard lately? Tell me in the comments!