I consider myself to be rather conservative in my practice of my faith. My personal motto is pretty much “stand with the prophets.” My personal experiences have convinced me that when I stand with the prophets, pray, and wait in faith, my questions are answered and I find peace.

However, I have been running across this idea of Namaste with some frequency lately. It’s not a new concept to me — I was introduced to it years ago — but I am finding that it intrigues me a lot more now.

In my personal worship, I try to be very careful not to bend and twist the gospel to fit current psychology and politically correct standards. I try to view the world through the lens of the gospel.

But, three ideas have been running through my mind, accompanying this idea of Namaste:

  1. The Lord, in his goodness, grants to every person on this earth as much light, truth, and eternal knowledge as they seek and can handle.
  2. The prophet Joseph Smith taught the idea that Latter-day Saints can safely claim all truth, no matter where it is found — which leads me to believe he was confident we will find that all truth harmonizes with the restored gospel.
  3. A friend once remarked that she is willing to “try anything,” as long as it is not in direct conflict with the gospel.

I am not certain that I can go as far as my friend, but I did decide to expand my views and embrace the concept of Namaste.

As a Latter-day Saint, I believe that every person on this earth is a spiritual son or daughter of God. So, I can easily accept the idea that the divine in me honors (and cherishes) the divine in you.

I can even accept that every person, event, etc. is designed to bring good into my life, no matter how difficult the person or circumstances seem to be in the moment. I have lived that one, and I have discovered that the most difficult people and events in my life have brought me the most growth and the most blessings. I believe firmly what is written in Romans 8:28 — that all things will work together for my good if I love God.

I even believe that, with time and effort, I can turn this attitude into a habit and eventually into part of my innate character. I believe that greeting every person and event in my life with thanksgiving and love will bring me closer to Christ.

So, Namaste, my friends!

Have you had your gospel understanding grow as you have learned about other faiths and “non-religious” ideas? Tell me about it in the comments!